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Our Practice

My office provides a wide range of dental services for the whole family. Children and seniors are especially welcome. I have more than 29 years of experience performing such services as tooth colored fillings, crowns and bridges, full and partial dentures, root canal treatments, gum therapy, dental implant restorations , mini implants, Invisalign orthodontics, and oral surgery such as tooth removal.

My staff is very reliable and loyal. They share my philosophy of patient care and education. Other personality traits they share are genuine kindness, and a commitment to service. My professional life has been made easier because these ladies are members of the team.   
  My Front Office Coordinator Sherry answers questions about appointments, finances as well as researching and helping patients understand the myriad conditions, limitations and traps that are common to modern dental insurance plans. Melissa, my Registered Dental Assistant, facilitates the treatment, assures a clean environment, and even performs some of the lab work.  Whitney's duties include assisting up front with Sherry, as well myself chair side.   My  three experienced Registered Dental Hygienists Nancy , Jan, and Sandy are often praised for their "light touch'" as well as their thoroughness in scaling and polishing the patient's teeth.  They are committed to clear communication with the patient and dentist regarding their oral condition, and offering oral hygiene instruction.  

Although we accept most dental insurance plans we advise patients not to let insurance plans determine their oral care. People should remember that preventive dental care is inexpensive, while repairing or replacing damaged teeth is not. It is a mistake to forgo routine preventive exams and dental cleanings because you might not have dental coverage. I believe that the patient is part of the dental team. I want you to be involved. Ask questions, discuss treatment options, learn more about what you can do to keep your mouth and teeth their healthiest.